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My Quanser VoltPAQ-X2/X4 amplifier is powered, but when enabled, the LED does NOT turn green (i.e. stays "off") after running the QUARC model. How can I enable the amplifier?

If your VoltPAQ-X2/X4 amplifier has an Enable port, then it must be enabled by the QUARC controller.
First, make sure the enable cable is connected from your DAQ device to the VoltPAQ-X2/X4 enable port. Typically, the first digital I/O header (DIO0) is used on the DAQ.
Next, verify that the initial and final values for the digital channels are properly configured in the HIL Initialize block of your Simulink diagram. Make sure the Digital Outputs channels [0:1] for VoltPAQ-X2 and [0:3] for VoltPAQ-X4 have been entered and the initial and final values are set to 0. The amplifiers are enabled when the digital output channels are set to HIGH or 1.
Configure the HIL Write block to apply 1 to those digital output channels (i.e. [0:1] or [0:3]). The amplifier will be enabled when the QUARC model is running.

We have a Quanser Universal Power Module (UPM) in our lab. How can I set it for Gain 1 so I can use it with our Rotary Servo Base Unit SRV02?

UPM amplifiers shipped with three different type of cables: Cables of Gain 1, Gain 3 and Gain 5. All rotary SRV02-based and linear IP02-based experiments can be run with UPMs as long as the cable used is of Gain 1. For those experiments where the User Manual asks to set the Gain to 3, make sure you are using a Gain 3 "motor cable" if an UPM is being used.

Do I need an emergency stop (E-Stop) switch to enable my VoltPAQ-X1 amplifier?

No. If an Emergency stop switch (E-Stop) is not connected, the amplifier is always enabled. The E-Stop is optional and not typically supplied with the VoltPAQ-X1 . If you have a VoltPAQ-X2/X4 amplifier with enable port, it needs E-Stop switch. Refer to its User Manual for complete information.


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