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Please tell us more about how you would like to use QUARC.

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32-bit Windows 7 target
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QNX x86 Target

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The following blocksets are included with a Quarc license:

  • Altia
  • JR3 Force / Torque Sensor
  • Novint Falcon
  • PGR Cameras
  • Schunk Grippers
  • Host / Simulink Development Environments
  • Target - Windows

Are you interested in additional blocksets that are sold separetaly?

Visualization (included for free)
Dynamic Reconfiguration
KUKA KR 5 Robot
Mitsubishi PA10 Robot
Natural Point OptiTrack
SensAble Omni
SensAble PHANTOM Premium
SensAble Desktop
Target - Linux ARM
Target - QNX x86

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MATLAB / Simulink

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