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Open Architecture Robot Simplifies Research and Teaching

The DENSO VP-Series 6-Axis articulated robot supplied with Quanser open-architecture control module has all the capabilities of an industrial system, making the workstation an ideal test bed for teaching and research in areas such as teleoperation, robot-assisted surgery, rehabilitation, pick-and-place or welding activities and more.

Create Bilateral Teleoperation System

Quanser technology allows the 6 DOF DENSO Open Architecture Robot Workstation to be bundled with any haptic device supported by QUARC, including the Quanser HD² High Definition Haptic Device to create a high fidelity bilateral teleoperation setup where the forces and torques at the tip of the robot are measured and applied back to the operator through the haptic device.

How It Works

The DENSO 6 DOF Open Architecture Robot Workstation consists of:

  • Denso VP-6242G robot
  • Denso controller, Quanser custom-designed open-architecture control module
  • QUARC control software with Denso Robot Blockset
  • 3D Visualization
  • Pre-configured PC
  • Force/Torque sensor (optional, can be purchased separately)

The DENSO VP 6-Axis Articulated Robot is able to position and orient the end-effector within a large workspace. The robot’s motors are commanded using the Quanser control module. The module contains six amplifiers and built-in FF + PID (feedforward, proportional, integral, derivative) controllers. All the gains in the built-in controller are accessible from QUARC DENSO Robot Blockset through 1kHz cross-cable communication. The blockset also has a direct access to the amplifiers’ current commands in the module. User can both tune the built-in controller gains in the QUARC interface, or design their own controller gains in the Simulink environment and command the amplifier currents directly in a fully open architecture scenario.

Quanser-developed Courseware Included

The DENSO 6 DOF Open Architecture Robot Workstation comes with Quanser-developed courseware. The Laboratory Guide, together with a comprehensive User Manual and pre-designed controllers allow you to get your lab running faster, saving months of time typically required to develop lab materials.

  • Programmable through MATLAB®/Simulink® using QUARC® software
  • DENSO robot 3D visualization provided
  • Command either Cartesian or joint velocity set points
  • Tune the DENSO built-in controller gains or design your own controller
  • Measure the Cartesian positions, joint angles and joint torque commands
  • Set either Cartesian or the joint minimum and maximum velocity limits
  • DENSO built-in safety checks remain enabled for safe operations
  • Quanser-designed DENSO controller and pre-configured PC included (MATLAB®/Simulink® license can be purchased separately)
  • Optional force/torque sensor can be purchased separately
Number of axis 6
Overall arm length 210 (first arm) + 210 (second arm) = 420 mm
Payload 2 kg
Position repeatability ± 0.02 mm in each of x, y, z directions
Position detection absolute encoder
DENSO robot weight app. 15 kg
Mounting positions floor, ceiling
Controller Quanser custom Ethernet-based controller box
Maximum composite speed 3900 mm/s (at the center of an end-effector mounting face)

The DENSO 6 DOF Open Architecture Robot Workstation is designed primarily for research applications. Currently, no curriculum material for teaching labs is provided by Quanser.

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