Aerospace Dynamics and Controls

Flight Control Systems Design and ApplicationsQuanser’s extensive line of control systems plants include experiments and test rigs designed specifically for teaching and research in flight dynamics and control. Most of these systems offer the fidelity and flexibility to move cleanly from an undergraduate course to the graduate level, and ultimately to leading edge research.

Using Quanser rotary and linear servo-based drive systems, Quanser AERO 2 DOF and 3 DOF Helicopters, 2 DOF and 3 DOF Gyroscopes, students can acquire the knowledge of position control, and essential dynamics of flight control and gyroscopic motion. At the graduate level, they can build on this knowledge and explore more advanced control concepts, using the same hardware and software environment. The control challenges stemming from inherent nonlinearities, cross-couplings and uncertainties in the dynamics of the systems involve areas such as adaptive control, nonlinear control, robust control, optimal control.

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Featured plants for study of flight dynamics and control:


Quanser AERO Experiment

Quanser AERO
3 DOF Helicopter Experiment

3 DOF Helicopter
3 DOF Hover Experiment

3 DOF Hover
3 DOF Gyroscope

3 DOF Gyroscope
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Helicopter Flight Control

Helicopter Flight Control

Quanser’s line of “table-top” helicopters provide an effective, cost-effective, and safe way to isolate the essential dynamics of flight control helicopter applications. Check the new Quanser AERO experiment that offers the right balance of cost-effectiveness and functionality, extending from teaching into advanced aerospace research applications.

Gyroscopic Motion

Gyroscopic Motion

Several devices allow in-depth exploration of gyroscopic motion for a wide rage of flight applications including satellite control. The Gyro/Stable Platform module for the SRV02 Rotary Servo platform is the ideal introductory framework for studying gyroscopic motion. The 3 DOF Gyroscope is the gold standard used by many researchers. An “Iron Bird” variation of the 3 DOF Gyroscope adapts an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to support fixed wing applications.

Control Software and Flight Control Systems Courseware

Software and Courseware

Beyond outstanding hardware, Quanser solutions include essential software for efficient realtime control on the most popular computing platforms (e.g. LabVIEW™, MATLAB®/Simulink®), complete ready to use courseware, some utilizing the latest digital media content and standardized for ABET evaluation criteria, and convenient quick start resources to ensure rapid set up of your lab.


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