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Interact with Virtual or Remote Environment Using Haptics

The HD² High Definition Haptic Device is a high-fidelity six Degrees of Freedom (DOF) haptic interface for advanced research in haptics and robotics. As a dexterous haptic device, HD² enables researchers to interact with virtual or remote environments using programmable force feedback and gives them uniquely large workspace and very low intervening dynamics. Combined with QUARC, Quanser’s powerful control design environment, it provides a flexible development test bed for various emerging applications such as virtual medical simulators and teleoperation.

Create Bilateral Teleoperation System

In addition, the HD² High Definition Haptic Device can be combined with robot arms, such as VP-6 DENSO robot to create a bilateral teleoperation system suitable for research of force-feedback systems, telesurgery and remote manipulation.

How It Works

Using seven high resolution optical encoders the operator’s motion can be tracked in six DOF (i.e. X, Y, Z, roll, pitch and yaw). The device can apply force to the user in five DOF (i.e. X, Y, Z, roll and pitch). HD² is also available in configurations with 6 DOF sensed/6 DOF actuated (with actuated roll at end-effector) and 7 DOF sensed/7 DOF actuated (with pincher).

In order to minimize the perceived weight over the entire workspace, adjustable brass counterbalances are mounted on each base. This state-of-the-art device is equipped with six built-in linear current amplifiers, which, along with the smart mechanical design, make it possible to achieve stiffness coefficients as high as 3,000 N/m.

This parallel mechanism is highly back drivable with negligible friction. The heavy-duty capstan drive within the device reduces the perceived inertia while maintaining rigidity of the device structure. Important features like the high-resolution optical encoder, high-performance DC motors and accurate kinematics allow for a high-precision robotics and haptics implementation that might have been more challenging to achieve in the past

The system includes a foot push pedal as an auxiliary digital input for switching applications.

The HD² High Definition Haptic Device is controlled via PC using Quanser’s QPIDe high-performance hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) control board. QUARC control software, which is seamlessly integrated with MATLAB®/Simulink® enables HD² users to facilitate an intuitive yet extremely flexible controller design environment while saving time.

  • Highly back-drivable joints and very low intervening dynamics
  • Highly rigid structure with low friction and inertia
  • Capstan drive mechanism to achieve higher torques
  • Counterweights designed to eliminate the effects of gravity
  • Auxiliary analog and digital inputs available on the side panel for peripheral accessories
  • Reconfigurable handle position to attain different workspace
  • High resolution optical encoders
  • Built-in linear current amplifiers
  • E-stop switch for safe operation
  • Easy connectivity to the data acquisition control board through SCSI cable
  • Foot push pedal for auxiliary digital input
  • Seamless integration with Simulink® and MATLAB® for a flexible control design environment
Workspace 800 mm (X), 250 mm (Y), 350 mm (Z)
180 degrees (roll), 180 degrees (pitch), continuous (yaw)
Tip inertia 300 g (X), 300 g (Y), 300 g (Z)
2.29 g.m ²(roll), 2.29 g.m² (pitch), 0.79 g.m² (yaw)
Back drive frictions 0.353 N (X), 0.353 N (Y), 0.353 N (Z)
61.775 N/mm (roll), 61.775 N/mm (pitch), 0.5 N/mm (yaw)
Maximum force/torque at 2 amps 19.71 N (X), 19.71 N (Y), 13.94 N (Z)
1.72 N.m (roll), 1.72 N,m (pitch), 1.72 N.m (yaw)
Continuous force/torque at 1.1 amps  10.84 N (X), 10.84 N (Y), 7.67 N (Z)
0.948 N.m (roll), 0.948 N.m (pitch), 0.948 N.m (yaw)
Position resolution 0.051 mm (X), 0.051 mm (Y), 0.051 mm (Z)
0.033 degrees (roll), 0.033 degrees (pitch), 0.088 degrees (yaw)
Stiffness at 10 kHz 3000 N/m (X), 3000 N/m (Y), 3000 N/m (Z)
3.4 N.m/rad (roll), 3.4 N.m/rad (pitch), 0.05 N.m/rad (yaw) (torque at 0.6 A)
Dimensions (H x W x L) 0.53 m x 0.3 m x 0.5 m
Mass, including the amplifiers 22 kg


The HD² High Definition Haptic Device is designed primarily for research applications. Currently, no courseware material for teaching labs is provided by Quanser.

To set up your HD² High Definition Haptic Device workstation, you need additional components. Quanser engineers recommend:

for MATLAB®/Simulink® users for LabVIEW™ users
1x QPIDe data acquisition device 1x QPIDe data acquisition device
QUARC real-time control software Rapid Control Prototyping Toolkit software

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