Q2-USB Data Acquisition Device

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Portable & Affordable Option for Real-Time Measurement and Control

Quanser ground-breaking USB data acquisition technology delivers reliable real-time performance via a USB interface. Q2-USB data acquisition device offers an extensive range of hardware features and software support capabilities. Quanser DAQ technology combined with standard connector interfaces ensure easy and quick access to signals.

With low I/O conversion times and easy connectivity, the Q2-USB is ideal for teaching control concepts, as you can achieve up to 2 kHz closed-loop control rate. This control rate is superior to any other commercially available USB-DAQ technology.

When combined with Quanser power amplifier and control design software, the Q2-USB provides a convenient rapid prototyping and Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) development environment. With a wide range of inputs and outputs, you can easily connect and control a variety of devices instrumented with analog and digital sensors, including encoders - all with one board.

The Q2-USB is supported by the QUARC Blockset in Simulink®, the RCP Toolkit in LabVIEW™, and the HIL SDK which provides APIs for C, C++, ActiveX, .NET, and MATLAB® script.

  • Optimized for real-time control performance with Quanser QUARC and RCP Toolkit control software or custom code
  • USB 2.0 high-speed interface
  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • Multiple Q2-USB units can be used simultaneously
  • Robust metal data acquisition device case
System requirements Type A USB 2.0 connector (USB 2.0 driver is required)
Board dimensions (L x W x H) 8.5 cm x 10.2 cm x 1.8 cm
Analog inputs  
Number of channels 2
Resolution 12-bit
Input range ± 10 V
Conversion time 250 ns¹
Input impedance 10 MΩ
Maximum full scale range (FSR) error ± 10 LSB
Analog outputs  
Number of channels 2
Resolution 12-bit
Output range ± 10 V
Slew rate 3.5 V/μs
Conversion time 10 μs¹
DC output impedance 0.5 Ω
Short-circuit current clamp 20 mA
Maximum capacity load stability 4000 pF
Non-linearity ± 1 LSB
Maximum full scale range (FSR) error ± 12 LSB
Maximum load for specified performance 2 kΩ
Digital inputs  
Number of digital I/O lines 8
Input low / high 0.66 V / 2.31 V
Input leakage current ± 2 μA
Digital outputs  
Number of digital I/O lines 8
Output low / high 0.4 V / 2.40 V
Maximum drive current ± 4 mA
Encoder inputs  
Number of encoder inputs 2
Input low / high 0.66 V / 2.31 V
Input leakage current +/- 2 μA
Maximum A and B frequency in quadrature 6 MHz
Maximum count frequency in 4x quadrature 10 MHz
PWM outputs  
Number of PWM outputs
Output low (max) / high (min) 0.40 V / 2.40 V
Minimum frequency 2.385 Hz
Maximum frequency 40 MHz
Bits resolution 16 bits³

¹ the effective conversion time is limited by USB communications at a 125 μs
² shared with the digital outputs
³ depends on the frequency selected for the PWM

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