Rotary Motion Control Systems

Rotary Motion Control SystemsRotary drive systems are used in many applications in all fields of industry. Innovations in this field involve novel strategies for the integration and control of multi-body systems with an increasing number of degrees of freedom. A key element in the solution to such challenges is resident in the understanding of the dynamics and the robustness and precision of the control strategy used.

The rotary motion control configurations from Quanser enable students to explore a range of control strategies hands-on. At the same time, the deterministic dynamics of the systems, and their modular and open architecture design enable researchers to develop new strategies towards the resolution of unwanted effects in drive systems such as backlash and vibrations, while further developing new techniques to improve repeatability, accuracy and operation speed.


Featured Rotary Motion Control Plants:
Rotary Servo BAse Unit Experiment

Rotary Servo Base Unit SRV02
Rotary Flexible Joint Experiment

Rotary Inverted Pendulum
2 DOF Rotary Inverted Pendulum Experiment

Rotary Flexible Link
Rotary Gyro/Stable Platform

Gyro/Stable Platform
2 DOF Inverted Pendulum/Gantry Experiment

2 DOF Inverted Pendulum
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SRV02 Rotary Servo - The Gold Standard of a Control Lab

The Gold Standard of a Control Lab

The Rotary Servo Base Unit SRV02 is the heart of the legendary Quanser Rotary Solution, and will offer your undergraduates the absolute best experience in their control courses. Advanced features, research grade components, and a selection of  ten modular experiment add-ons constitute a truly flexible, open architecture platform that  will continue to serve your students in their advanced courses and right into post-graduate research careers, exploring theoretical and application topics, such as nonlinear PD regulation, H2 and H optimization techniques, time delay systems control, neural network control, iterative impulsive control and more. Learn more about the SRV02.
Modules for Rotary Servo Base Unit SRV02

Rotary Servo Control Lab VideoTen Modules to Create More Experiments

Ten additional modules can be attached to one or two SRV02 base units to create experiments of varying complexity across a wide range of topics, disciplines and courses. Watch the video to learn more about the SRV02 and the add-on modules.

Control Software and Rotary and Linear Systems Courseware

Software and Courseware

Beyond outstanding hardware, Quanser solutions include essential software for efficient real-time control on the most popular computing platforms (e.g. LabVIEW™, MATLAB®/Simulink®) and complete, ready to use courseware. The latest focus is on utilizing digital media and standardizing the courseware content for ABET evaluation criteria, allowing professors to focus on teaching rather than lab setup and development of materials.

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