Structural Dynamics and Analysis

Structural Dynamics and AnalysisThe structural dynamics and analysis topics are a part of the engineering undergraduate and graduate curriculum in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Quanser systems offer a valuable hands-on extension of these highly theoretical courses, allowing study of the responses of structures and materials to vibrations caused by earthquakes or winds. Precise, robust, and flexible, Quanser shake table and smart structure platforms meet the needs of educators and researchers for reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective devices. With these systems you can demonstrate various control techniques used to manipulate and dampen structural vibrations and introduce more advanced multi-dynamic analysis.

Quanser shake tables and smart structures platforms are also ideally suited for researchers in engineering fields focusing on advanced vibration analysis and isolation, the study of response and elastic limits of structures and geo-materials subjected to dynamic loads.


Platform options for study of structural dynamics and analysis:
Shake Table I-40
Shake Table I-40
Shake Table II Experiment

Shake Table II
XY Shake Table III Platform

XY Shake Table III
Hexapod Platform

Active Mass Damper Experiment

Active Mass Damper
1 and 2 Floors
Smart Structures Experiment

Smart Structure

Earthquake Simulators

Quanser line of shake tables spans from linear to planar and multi-DOF, heavy-load devices capable to simulate various earthquake acceleration profiles. Precise and robust, with no hydraulics involved, these clean, low maintenance and quiet earthquake simulators are ideal for study of dynamic and seismic response of different structures and geo-materials, determination of natural frequencies in multi-DOF structures, testing various dampers and investigating effective methods for real-time structural health monitoring. Configurations using a number of linear shake tables present a cost-effective way of performing multi-point shaking experiments, allowing study of bridge structures or use of large test structures as well.

The most popular Shake Table II was developed for the University Consortium on Instructional Shake Tables and is used by more than 100 members of the consortium directly or through remote access.

Smart Structures

Smart Structures

Quanser series of smart structures can be used as stand-alone experimental platforms or they can be added to Quanser Shake Tables to study dynamic response of tall structures to vibrations, effects of liquefaction on structures, to investigate and develop control techniques to dampen vibrations in tall structures, such as coupled building control or active vibration control.

Control Software and Structural Dynamics COurseware

Software and Courseware

Beyond outstanding hardware, Quanser solutions include essential software for efficient real-time control on the most popular computing platforms (e.g. LabVIEW™, MATLAB®/Simulink®), complete ready to use courseware, some utilizing the latest digital media content, and convenient quick start resources to ensure rapid set up of your lab. Quanser Shake Tables come with a standalone Shake Table software developed by Quanser that allows simple programming  through a Graphical User Interface environment.



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