Quanser Academic Partnerships

Quanser Academic Partnerships Quanser actively collaborates with leading institutions and academic organizations throughout the world. Within the Quanser family of academic friends and ambassadors are some of the most prominent names in control and engineering education. Collaborative activities include development of education concepts, joint development of new technologies, fundamental and applied research, and outreach.

Academic leaders that collaborated with Quanser include:

Prof. Karl Johan Åström, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
Professor Karl Åström is a world leader in controls education and research. He collaborated with Quanser on development of the courseware for many experiments, including the Quanser Engineering Trainer (QET), Engineering Trainers for NI ELVIS (QNET) and Coupled Tanks.

Prof. Mark Spong, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Professor Mark Spong is Dean at the University of Texas at Dallas School of Engineering and Computer Science, and a longtime proponent of teaching control concepts through hands-on experiments.  Quanser has partnered with Professor Spong to take his multi-purpose Mechatronics Control Kit suite of experiments into production.

Prof. Norman S. Nise, USA
Professor Norman Nise is the author of the most widely adopted textbook on control systems engineering. The textbook features hands-on, virtual lab experiments that incorporate simulations of Quanser lab plants, thus helping students close the loop between control lectures and labs.

Prof. Dennis S. Bernstein, University of Michigan, USA
Professor Dennis Bernstein is an accomplished educator, researcher and author, specializing in systems and control technology for aerospace.

Prof. Hakan Gurocak, Washington State University, USA
Professor Hakan Gurocak is the Director of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University.  He has worked closely with Quanser on courseware development and ABET alignment.  

Prof. Tim Salcudean, University of British Columbia, Canada
Professor Tim Salcudean is a leading researcher in the field of robotics and haptics. Quanser and Professor Salcudean’s long association has centered around the development and commercialization of haptic wand technology for education and research.

Prof. Rajni Patel, Western University, Canada
Professor Rajni Patel is a keen advocate of collaborative research and a renowned scholar focused on robotics and mechatronics. Quanser has partnered with Professor Patel on a variety of surgical robotics research projects.

Prof. Ramiro Jordan, University of New Mexico, USA
Professor Ramiro Jordan is Associate Chair of ECE at UNM and founder and past president of ISTEC. Collaborations with Quanser include the creation of the Innovation Plaza Lab concept and outreach into Latin America.


Other prominent institutions actively engaged in collaborative projects include:

  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Waterloo, Canada
  • York University, Canada
  • Western University, Canada
  • McMaster University, Canada
  • Texas A&M University, USA
  • New York Institute of Technology, USA
  • College of Engineering, Pune, India
  • Central Queensland University, Australia
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