Quanser Customers

Quanser Customers

Selecting the right solution to educate and develop tomorrow's leading engineers, as well as solve complex control problems involves much more than just deciding who can offer you a system with required features and functions for the best price. It also means making the right long-term partnership decision. Because your system selection affects virtually every aspect of your curriculum, research and development efforts; and has a direct impact on your future success, you must think about what you want for the long-term.

When you collaborate with Quanser you benefit from the years of knowledge, and learning that comes with every customer interaction. For over 20 years, Quanser has put as much emphasis on fostering and building our relationships with customers as on developing the best functional solutions. And our customers feel that Quanser is a true partner in their success.

Our customers can continually rely on ongoing support of the whole Quanser team, including the engineers who developed the systems - from the installation through to full laboratory setups and curriculum development and well beyond. Maybe that’s why over 2,500 universities, colleges, research institutions and companies around the world, including MIT, University of California at Berkeley, University of Tokyo, McGill University, Imperial College London, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, use Quanser solutions today.

Utah State University:
Attracting more engineering students
through systematic lab expansion
University of Victoria:
Driving haptic-based rehabilitation
research further and faster
MDA Corporation:
Quanser designs control solution
for customized space robot
Quanser Customers
Around the World

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