AMPAQ-L4 Amplifier

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Amplifier for Responsive Current Control

The AMPAQ-L4 linear current amplifier is ideal for mechatronic systems requiring responsive current control, such as haptics or robotics platforms, or other complex controls configurations often used for teaching and research. The AMPAQ-L4 amplifier with four analog outputs also eliminates deadband and reduces noise common to PWM amplifiers.

A dependable real-time platform can be achieved by pairing an AMPAQ-L4 amplifier with a Quanser data acquisition board and control design software. The AMPAQ-L4 is fully integrated with Quanser experiments, such as 3 DOF Gyroscope, but can also be used to drive other motors or actuators via easy-connect interface and cables.

  • Built-in universal power supply
  • Current sense output per channel
  • Over-heating/over-current fault indication output
  • Lightweight
  • Easy connect system enable switching from one experiment to another quickly
Dimensions ( L x W x H) 30 cm x 30 cm x 13 cm
Mass 6.8 kg
Amplifier type linear
Number of outputs 4
Maximum continuous voltage output ± 24 V
Maximum continuous current 2.5 A
Peak power output 280 W
Amplifier gain 2.0 V/A
Current sense 0.5 A/V
Amplifier command ± 10 V
Bandwidth in current mode 10 kHz
Output impedance < 0.2 Ω
Supply AC voltage 110 V or 220 - 240 V

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