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2 DOF Helicopter

The 2 DOF Helicopter experiment provides an economical test bed to understand and develop control laws for vehicles with dynamics representative of a tethered rigid body helicopter, spacecraft or underwater vehicle.

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2 DOF Inverted Pendulum/Gantry

With the 2 DOF Inverted Pendulum module added to two Rotary Servo Base Units (SRV02), students can build on their knowledge of fundamental robotic principles to control a two-dimensional pendulum.

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3 DOF Gyroscope

The 3 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) Gyroscope is a dynamically diverse experimental platform ideal for study of rotational dynamics principles.

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3 DOF Helicopter

The 3 DOF Helicopter experiment provides a bench top model of a Tandem rotor helicopter, used for transport and search and rescue missions. It can be used to understand and develop control laws for a vehicle that has dynamics representative of a dual rotor rigid body helicopter, or any device with similar dynamics.

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3 DOF Hover

The 3 DOF Hover system is ideal to introduce intermediate to advanced control concepts of flight dynamics and control in vertical lift off vehicles.

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Gyro/Stable Platform

The Gyro/Stable Platform module for the Rotary Servo Base Unit provides an excellent opportunity to teach rotational dynamics principles.

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QNET 2.0 VTOL Board

The QNET Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) Board for NI ELVIS platform is ideal for teaching the fundamentals of flight dynamics and control.

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Quanser AERO

The Quanser AERO is a dual-rotor aerospace experiment with reconfigurable dynamic components for mechatronics exploration and control.

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