Linear Motion Control Systems

Linear Motion Control System ApplicationsSimilarly to the rotary drive systems, Quanser's linear motion control platforms - whether based on the IP02 linear servo system or the HFLC high fidelity linear drive system, address the challenges of highly complex control applications.

The linear motion control laboratory configurations from Quanser enable students to explore a range of control strategies hands-on. At the same time, the deterministic dynamics of the systems, and their modular and open architecture design enable researchers to develop new strategies towards the intelligen and nonlinear control schemes, system identification, time delayed systems, and more.

Dr. Nejat Olgac from the University of Connecticut demonstrates his research on time delayed systems using Quanser Linear Inverted Pendulum.


Featured linear motion control plants:
Linear Servo Base Unit Experiment
Linear Servo Base Unit
Linear Double Inverted Pendulum Experiment

Linear Double Inverted Pendulum
Linear Flexible Joint with Inverted Pendulum Experiment

Linear Flexible Joint with Inverted Pendulum
Seesaw Experiment
High Fidelity Linear Cart System

High Fidelity Linear Cart System
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Linear Motion Control Systems based on the IP02

Linear IP02-based Systems

Reliable and robust IP02 linear servo-based control plants are ideal platforms for teaching and research, delivering precise, repeatable results. With eight different module configurations, you can expose students to different types of linear motion-based systems, each with their own types of sensors, system dynamics and control challenges. Advanced features and research-grade components make the IP02-based systems ideal also for validation of control research concept and control algorithm on a physical system. Some of the research areas include nonlinear control, time optimization, fuzzy control, robust and optimal control, system inversion and system identification.

Linear Motion Systems for Advanced Applications

Linear Servo-based Systems for Advanced Applications and Research

Reliable and robust HFLC high speed linear drive system presents another option for research-grade platforms delivering precise and repeatable results. With single, dual, double and triple pendulums and linear cart modules, you can create the right configuration to validate your control research concept and control algorithm using a physical system. Some of the research areas include time delay systems control, adaptive neuro-fuzzy interference, on-line system parameter identification and state estimation, sliding mode control, controlled Lagrangians and control design by TP model transformation.

Software and Courseware

Software and Courseware

Beyond outstanding hardware, Quanser solutions include essential software for efficient real-time control on the most popular computing platforms (e.g. LabVIEW™, MATLAB®/Simulink®), complete ready to use courseware, some utilizing the latest digital media content and standardized for ABET evaluation criteria, and convenient quick start resources to ensure rapid set up of your lab.


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