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Cost-effective Way to Introduce Robotics and Haptics

The Omni™Bundle is a cost-effective and safe way to introduce intermediate and advanced control concepts and theories related to robotics and haptics. Combining Geomagic Touch™ (formerly SensAble Phantom Omni) haptic device with QUARC® control software and comprehensive Quanser-developed curriculum allows students to easily translate course theory into hands-on experience. Students learn concepts such as:

  • forward and inverse kinematic modeling of a robot
  • control design
  • trajectory planning
  • Jacobian and force rendering
  • haptic force generation, using above mentioned concepts to create haptics applications

In addition to teaching, the Omni Bundle can also be used for research in various areas, including adaptive control and robust control.

How It Works

The Geomagic Touch haptic device is a robot with six revolute joints, three of which are actuated. The three non-actuated joints are the wrist joints.

The three motors can actuate the end-effector - the tip of the stylus - to span the entire X, Y, Z region in its workspace. Position measurement along X, Y, and Z is done using digital encoders while measurement of rotations about these axes (roll, pitch and yaw) is done using potentiometers.

The Phantom Blockset for QUARC real-time control software provides the interface. 

  • CE certified Geomagic Touch (formerly Phantom Omni) haptic device
  • Six degree-of-freedom positional sensing
  • Portable design and compact footprint for workplace flexibility
  • Removable stylus for end-user customization
  • Two integrated momentary switches on the stylus for ease-of-use, and end-user customization
  • Wrist rest to maximize user comfort
  • Constructed of metal components and injection-molded plastics
  • Stylus-docking inkwell for automatic workspace calibration
  • Fully compatible with MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Fully documented system models and parameters provided for MATLAB®, Simulink®
  • Open architecture design, allowing users to design their own controller
Force feedback workspace (W x H x D) 160 mm x 120 mm x 70 mm
Footprint (physical area device occupies on desk) 168 mm x 203 mm
Device mass 1.8 kg
Range of motion hand movement pivoting at wrist
Nominal position resolution > 450 dpi / 0.055 mm
Maximum exertable force at nominal position 3.3 N
Continuous exertable force (24 hrs.) 0.88 N
Stiffness 1.26 N/mm (X axis) / 2.31 N/mm (Y axis) / 1.02 N/mm (Z axis)
Inertia (apparent mass at tip) 45 g
Force feedback x, y, z
Interface IEEE-1394 FireWire® port: 6-pin to 6-pin

Topics covered in the Quanser-developed courseware

  • Forward kinematics and D-H parameters
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Joint level PD and PID control
  • Trajectory planning (joint space vs. task space)
  • Jacobian derivation and application
  • Various “force law” haptic rendering (force fields, hard and soft contacts, etc.)
  • Graphics development using Quanser 3D Viewer
The Omni Bundle can be used to teach also other topics not included in the Quanser-developed courseware.

No additional components are required to set up your Omni Bundle workstation.

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