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High Accelerations and Velocities for Heavy Loads

The Quanser XY Shake Table III is a high-powered planar earthquake simulator ideal for more advanced dynamics and multidynamics analysis and research relating to earthquake loss reduction. It is capable of moving high loads of up to 100 kg at high accelerations and velocities.

With pre-loaded acceleration profiles of real earthquakes, such as Northridge and El-Centro, you can study their effects on buildings, bridges and various materials. As a typical application, the XY Shake Table III can excite the flexible modes of a tall structure in order to design, implement, and evaluate a control system to manipulate and dampen the structural vibrations. Students learn how to:

  • obtain the open-loop transfer function model
  • design a PID-based controller to control position of the shake table’s stage
  • calculate bandwidth curves based on the imposed position, velocity and acceleration limits of the shake table

Additional earthquake acceleration profiles can be downloaded from the PEER Strong Motion website.

Create a Configuration That Suits your Research Needs

The XY Shake Table III offers a wide table-top surface which can accommodate several structures, such as Quanser 1 Floor and 2 Floor Active Mass Dampers, to increase the complexity of the experiment.

How It Works

The Quanser XY Shake Table III consists of a stage mounted on the ground support plate. The stage can move in either the x or y directions and has a total travel more than 20 cm on each axis. Experimental structures can be attached to the stage to perform experiments.

To minimize the amount of moving parts and achieve optimal performance, the table is actuated using three linear motors. This increases the reliability of the system and keeps the operation of the system quiet. Two motors, mounted on the ground support plate of the table, operate in parallel and power the x-axis. A single motor mounted to the stage actuates the y-axis. Together the motors allow for XY planar motion in the Cartesian arrangement.

The displacement and acceleration of the stage are measured by the on-board encoder and the accelerometer sensors. The encoder and accelerometer are connected to the DAQ and their signals can be displayed and processed further. Plotted data can be also be saved for later analysis.

The XY Shake Table III can be easily programmed through a Graphical User Interface environment. The provided software eliminates any need for hand coding while enables to monitor and analyze the response. For a more flexible operation and control design, you can use MATLAB®/Simulink® via QUARC®.

The complete turn-key system comes with 230 V AC power system and rack-mount PC.

Quanser-developed Courseware Included

The Quanser XY Shake Table III system comes with Quanser-developed courseware. The comprehensive User Manual with experiments, pre-designed controllers and a dynamic model allow you to get your lab running faster, saving months of time typically required to develop lab materials.

  • Dual-axis operation
  • Linear motors for clean, reliable and quiet operation
  • Precise and accurate positioning using high-resolution encoder and low-backlash guide
  • Extensive data acquisition and control capability
  • Easy integration of user-built structures, third-party sensors and actuators
  • Standalone software operation using Shake Table III software or
  • highly-flexible operation and control design using MATLAB®/Simulink® and QUARC® control software; or LabVIEW™
  • Supports scaling and playback of earthquake data
  • Synchronize motion profiles with multiple tables and/or data acquisition systems
  • Integrated safety features and limits
  • Fully documented system models and parameters
  • Open architecture design, allowing users to design their own controller
Dimensions (L x W x H) 106.7 cm x 106.4 cm x 20.3 cm
Total mass  550 kg
Payload area (L x W) 71.1 cm x 71.1 cm
Top axis mass 95.22 kg
Bottom axis mass 175.5 kg
Maximum payload at 1 g¹ 100 kg
Maximum travel ± 10.8 cm (x), ± 10.8 cm (y)
Operational bandwidth¹ 10 Hz (x), 10 Hz (y)
Maximum velocity with 100 kg payload¹ 1.55 m/s (x), 1.29 m/s (y)
Maximum force with 100 kg payload¹ 2626 N (x), 2189 N (y) 
Maximum acceleration with 100 kg payload¹ 1.0 g (x), 1.0 g (y)
Linear motor maximum peak power  4554 W
Linear motor maximum current 36.0 A peak / 12.0 A continuous
Amplifier maximum peak current 40 A (x), 30 A (y)
Amplifier maximum continuous current 20 A (x), 15 A (y)
Maximum operating peak current limits 36 A (x), 30 A (y)
Encoder resolution (in quadrature)  1,000,000 counts/m
Effective stage position resolution 1 μm
Accelerometer range ± 49 m/s²
Accelerometer sensitivity  1.0 g/V

¹ Please contact Quanser for full operational bandwidth specifications.

Topics included in the Quanser-developed courseware:

  • Modeling and transfer function representation
  • PID control
  • Bandwidth curves
The XY Shake Table III can be also used for teaching other topics not included in the Quanser-developed courseware.

To set up your XY Shake Table III workstation, you need additional components. Quanser engineers recommend:

for MATLAB®/Simulink® users  
1x Q8 data acquisition device  
QUARC real-time control software  

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