Universal Power Module UPM 180-25B

Amplifier for High-Powered Systems

The Quanser Universal Power Module UPM-180-25B is a power amplifier designed to drive high-powered systems, such as the Quanser Shake Table II. The amplifier consists of an on-board current-controlled pulse-width modulated analog output, an independent DC power supply for powering sensors, an analog input interface and embedded safety circuitry.

The UPM-180-25B amplifier is available only as a component of the High Fidelity Linear Cart System.

  • 3-phase PWM brushless power amplifier
  • PIC micro-controller circuit for safety functions
  • Safety features, including emergency stop switch 
Current load 5 A/V
Bus voltage ± 169.7 V
Maximum continuous line DC current  10 A
Peak line DC current 25 A
DC output voltage supply ± 12 V
DC output maximum current supply  1 A
AC supply voltage 120 V or 240 V
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