Quanser Industrial Research Partnerships

Quanser Industrial Research Partnerships Quanser has a long history of partnerships with research organizations whose goal is to solve some of the most technologically complex control systems challenges. Our partners have come from a broad range of organizations and some of the most important applications areas.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is one of North America’s leading rehabilitation sciences centers. Quanser’s products, processes and engineering expertise in advanced robotics and haptics has assisted TRI in developing cutting edge rehabilitation technology (AUSR) as well as advanced research development platforms.

Defence Research and Development Canada
An arm of Canada’s Department of National Defence, DRDC is dedicated to the development of technology that serves public safety and national security. Quanser has collaborated on a number of DRDC research projects in the area of autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Singrafii / LongPen
Singrafii (previously Unotchit) is a company founded by Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood to develop a remote, real-time robotic signing device dubbed LongPen™. Quanser’s robotics expertise and cutting edge control technology were harnessed to develop this solution. Read more >>

MDA Corporation
MDA provides innovative robotic and electronic solutions for complex applications. Among their achievements include space robotics solutions for the International Space Station. Quanser has collaborated with MDA to supply NASA with space robotics solutions. Read more >>

Canadian Space Agency
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is a world leader in the research, design and development of space robotics and spacecraft technologies. Quanser has collaborated closely with CSA to develop real-time control systems to support a variety of robotic and mechatronic devices. Read more >>

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