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Teaching with Quanser devices and courseware helps you engage your students by connecting theory with practice. You can establish a foundation of hands-on learning that will serve students throughout their university years and provide them with industry-ready skills essential for careers in engineering. Quanser’s turn-key platform for controls education is ideal for teaching practical control topics from introductory to advanced levels. The platform offers: Contact Quanser to discuss your course and lab needs
Rotary Inverted Pendulum Extensive Range of Experiments
Quanser offers an extensive range of experiments and control design tools appropriate for teaching at all levels, from introducing students to control fundamentals to advanced control systems design, flight control, robotics, structural dynamics and more. 
A Space for Collaborative Learning:
Save funds, space and time while expanding your engineering program.

The Faculty of Applied Science at Queen's University was facing the same kinds of growth and space challenges familiar to engineering schools around the world. With a diverse range of ten unique engineering programs - and limited facilities - the staff at Queen's created a cooperative, state-of-the-art space that serves all engineering disciplines.

Multi-Disciplinary Lab at Queen's University

While the particular lab can be for electrical, computer, mechanical, chemical engineering or mathematics program, they share the equipment: all programs have control courses.

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Rigorous Framework for Teaching and Learning Rigorous Framework for Teaching and Learning
Working with Quanser systems, you expose students to the key engineering workflow they will use throught their professional careers. The workflow involves numerous steps, from mathematical modeling to control design, hardware-in-the-loop simulation and more, with all the steps resulting in a system that’s efficient, effective and ready to deploy.
Trouble-free Deployment of Quanser Systems Trouble-free Deployment
The Quanser systems are ready to go, out of the box. Easy to set up, and accompanied by documented system models and parameters and pre-designed controllers, you will be able to deploy these engaging hands-on experiments in no time. And build with Quanser quality, the experiments will be running for a long time, despite the most enthusiastic undergraduates, with the same precision.
QUanser-developed Courseware Comprehensive Courseware
Quanser-developed courseware covers modelling, system characterization, analysis, controller design, implementation, and tuning. For your convenience, the courseware for the most popular products is standardized for ABET evaluation criteria, and provided in digital, open source format.

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