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Not only are the solutions we build dynamic and interesting, so are our people. Meet the innovators and educators inside Quanser. Paul Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Jacob Apkarian, Founder and Chief Technology Officer lead the Quanser team of diverse and committed professionals who pull together each day to bring our global customers the latest advancements in real-time control development and implementation.

Quanser staff members hail from every corner of the globe, from North America to Europe, China, India, the Middle East and South America. Our business development specialists, academic advisors, engineers and curriculum developers are graduates of some of the most prestigious engineering institutions and the majority of them hold postgraduate engineering degrees. As our team grows, so does our ability to satisfy our worldwide base of customers.

PAu Gilbert, CEO, Quanser

Paul Gilbert, CEO

As the CEO of Quanser, Paul Gilbert is responsible for the development and execution of the company’s business vision. His mission is to expand the base of Quanser's systems into critical controls research and industrial applications, as well as educational institutions throughout the world.

A leader in Business Management, Paul has over two decades of experience developing SME companies in North America, along with a wealth of international experience developing global partner relationships and R&D-oriented projects. Paul joined Quanser in 2002 and has successfully taken the company to its current position as the world leader in its field.

Prior to joining Quanser, Paul held positions as CEO for FTT Ltd. and President of Strapex Canada. He also held senior engineering positions in the Aerospace Division of Schlumberger UK and led the company’s Canadian Sales and Marketing team in the Electricity Management sector. Paul holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business as well as a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton, U.K

Dr. Jacob Apkarian, Founder and CTO, Quanser

Dr. Jacob Apkarian, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Jacob Apkarian founded Quanser in 1990 to enhance and advance control theory education. Since that time, he has taken the company to world-renown in the academic and research realms and to recognition as a global leader in the development of real-time control systems and services for industry.

As Quanser’s Chief Technology Officer, Jacob is responsible for the company’s R&D direction. Under Jacob’s direction, a world-class team of highly specialized engineers, at both the Ph.D. & Masters levels with mechanical, electrical, electronic and controls expertise, devote almost 100 percent of their time to research and development activities.

Jacob holds a Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Engineering and Masters of Science in Control Systems from the University of Toronto, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University. He also holds an appointment as adjunct professor at the University of Toronto. Recently, he received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo.

Before launching Quanser, Jacob held positions as Robotics and Assistive Devices Director at Lyndhurst Hospital and Senior Engineer at Spar Aerospace, where he contributed to the development of several key projects, including control systems for the Canada Space Arm and components of the Space Station.

Tom Lee, Chief Education Officer, Quanser

Dr. Tom Lee, Chief Education Officer

Dr. Tom Lee leads the development of the vision and strategy for transforming Quanser’s high performance mechatronics product line into real-world solutions for the research and educational marketplace.

Having spent over twenty years in a wide range of business and technical positions within progressive technology companies, Tom is experienced at guiding the transformation of technology into unique and high-functioning systems solutions.  He believes that creativity is a word easily applied to an engineer or a marketer.

Tom holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Applied Science and Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He also is an adjunct professor in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo

Before joining Quanser in 2011, Tom was Vice President, Applications Engineering and Chief Evangelist for Maplesoft, a mathematical and analytical software company in Waterloo, Canada, where his focus included product direction and strategic customer issues.

Paul Karam, Director of Engineering, Quanser

Paul Karam, Director of Engineering

As Quanser’s Director of Engineering, Paul Karam leads the Engineering Team in its mandate to develop a wide range of controls system solutions, which integrate in a systems-level approach that delivers maximum value to the customer.

Paul plays a key role in the collaborative development process known as the Quanser Method™, which focuses on assisting our partners attain their educational, research and development goals, up to and including the IP and commercial phase. His achievements in this area include the Rehabilitation Robot developed for the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the LongPen developed in collaboration with a commercial partner.

Before assuming his current position, Paul managed Quanser’s industrial projects and robotics technologies. He was involved in the design and implementation of Quanser’s original integration with National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW™ control design software and played a pivotal role in the development of the QNET line of engineering trainers for the NI ELVIS platform. Paul holds an honours bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Keith Blanchet, Director of Business Development, Quanser

Keith Blanchet, Director of Business Development

Keith Blanchet is responsible for world-wide sales activities and partnerships with academia and industry. Over the past 7 years, the nature of Keith’s position has brought him to most parts of the world where he has been successful in developing business with his counterparts through respectful relationships and a shared passion for innovation.

Keith has over twenty years experience in managing and developing business in high-tech industries. Prior to joining Quanser, Keith managed Marketing and Sales for the Middle-East and Oceania regions at L-3 MAPPS, helped grow Opal-RT from a start-up to a significant player in the field of high performance parallel Hardware-in-the-loop solutions and managed / coordinated major aircraft modification projects for Bombardier’s Military division (now L-3 MAS).

Keith holds a Mechanical Engineering degree with specialization in Simulation and Control from the Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal, Canada.

Andrew Romhanyi, Director of Operations, Quanser

Andrew Romhanyi, Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Andrew Romhanyi oversees the company’s Production, IT and Technical Support departments. His responsibilities include aligning and refining internal systems to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Andrew’s diverse experience in sales, software management and systems allow him to ensure internal Operations works synergistically and contributes to a superior customer experience. Prior to directing Operations, Andrew led Quanser’s academic sales team for three years.  Before joining Quanser, he held software development positions with ATI Technologies, Mark IV Industries and ISG Technologies.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with an option in Mechatronics from the University of Waterloo.

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