Analog Loopback Test on Q8-USB DAQ - Tutorial

By default, the loopback demo is set for Q8 data acquisition boards. If you are using the Q8-USB DAQ device, the loopback demo needs to be re-set. Follow the steps below:

1 Type "qc_show_demos" in the MATLAB command window and .
2 Select the "QUARC Analog Loopback Demo
3 Click on “Open this model”:

Analog Loop Back Test - Open This Model
4 Double-click on the “HIL Initialize” block
5 In the Board type scroll down menu, select "Q8-USB". Press "Apply" and then "OK".

Analog Loopback Demo - Q8-USB Selection
6 On your Q8-USB DAQ device, connect Analog Output # 0 to Analog Input # 0 as illustrated below:

Analog Loopback Demo Test - Q8-USB Connections
7 Click on the "Signal Generator" block and in the Source Block Parameter window, change the amplitude to 4, then open the Scope.

Analog Loopback Demo Test - Signal Generator
8 Build and run the model. A sine wave should appear in the Scope window (see the picture in the previous step).




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