Reinstalling QUARC in Gumstix - Tutorial

To reinstall QUARC® in the GumstixX, you will need the following:

  • SCP client for Windows application
  • SSH client for Windows applications

These applications can be downloaded for free at: 

You can also download the software from Quanser's server.

To upgrade your current QUARC in the Gumstix, using WinSCP and PuTTY, please follow the steps below:

1 Install WinSCP.
2 Power up you UVS or Gumstix and wait until the wireless connection is established. Confirm the connection by “pinging” the UVS or Gumstix.
3 Run WinSCP.
4 To log in, enter the IP address of your Gumstix (or UVS) as a Host name, root as a user name and quanser as a password. From the File protocol drop down menu, select SCP, then press Login.

WinSCP Login
5 Copy the new QUARC.ipk file to the root directory. You can find this file on your QUARC Installation DVD. For example, in QUARC 2.1 this file is located in the linux_arm_verdex folder.
If you updating your target license, copy this in the root directory as well.

Gumstix root
6 Close WinSCP.
7 Run PuTTY.
8 To log in, use root as a user name and quanser as a password.
9 Now you are ready to reinstall QUARC. Please refer to the QUARC Installation Guide, Section 10 “Single-User Linux Verdex Setup: QUARC Installation And License Configuration


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