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Professors, researchers and students share what happens in their labs. Watch the featured videos with demonstrations of Quanser systems, student projects and interesting research applications. You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.
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Featured User Videos:

Concordia University Video Concordia University: Four Times the Fun
Mechanical and Industrial PhD student Iman Sadeghzadeh demonstrates the Quanser Qball-X4 -- first quadrotor helicopter to be used in a classroom for teaching purposes. Watch the video >>

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University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Video University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez: Ball and Beam - Electrical Engineering Control Lab
Project for the Electrical Engineering Digital Control course: fast response of the system deserves a good grade. Watch the video >>

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University of Newcastle Video University of Newcastle: Mechatronics System: Car Active Suspension
Demonstration of a car active suspension system at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Watch the video >>

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Missouri University of Science and Technology Video Missouri University of Science and Technology: SDOF System Resonance Vibration Test
Tests of three SDOF systems on educational shaking table. Watch the video >>

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Polytechnic University of Catalania Video Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya: 6 DOF Hexapod Ball
A group at the Contol, Dynamics and Applications Lab, Departament of Applied Mathematics demonstrate how they can controlling a ball on the platform of a hexapod. Watch the video >>

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McMaster Univeristy Video McMaster University: Haptic Trilateral Teleoperation Control
Demonstration of a Quanser Integrated Haptic Actuator (IHA) and a Quanser Planar Twin-Pantograph used to control a custom 4 DOF robotic slave mechanism. Watch the video >>

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University of Bristol Video University of Bristol: Introduction to Quanser 3-DOF Helicopter
This video introduces students to the Quanser 3-Degree-of-Freedom Helicopter equipment used for the control coursework in unit AENG31300 at the University of Bristol. Watch the video >>

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Georgia Tech Video Georgia Institute of Technology: Self-erecting inverted pendulum
Demonstration of the Linear Inverted Pendulum experiment at the Aerospace Control System lab. Watch the video >>

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